D600 vs d7100

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Re: D600 or d7100 - depends a lot on you

To the OP:

After looking at the high ISO samples just posted on D7100 review, unfortunately above 1000 iso and the noise becomes quite visible, as a fine grain.

My older D700, I can get noise free images up to 1600 iso and also 2000 iso and lots of fine sharp detail.  Run it through DXO Pro 8 or Lightroom automated noise reduction, and you see literally no noise at all on screen up to 2000 iso and even highter. And very little before the reduction. Post processing has more leeway in FX I would think also.

If you have the money, I would go with a D600 over D7100 for ultimate portraiture and low light, provided, you got one without the oil lube splatter problem (if Nikon has cleaned up their act in that department).

For best AF system for action photos or fast moving children D7100 beats D600. Or find a lightly used D700.

Your decision of course is how important the level of fine noise is to you (and use of high iso) and the size and weight of the camera. Both are still great cameras.

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