Working solution to stop ballhead from unscrewing off tripod plate

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Re: Working solution to stop ballhead from unscrewing off tripod plate

amateurphotographer wrote:

Hi folks,

Am a working photographer, used to moving constantly on architectural shoots around retail developments with a tripod slung across shoulder and my D800E still mounted on it.  Using a RSS BH-40 ballhead on a gitzo GM2541 tripod.

As I move around quickly I sometimes find the ballhead coming loose at the point where the ballhead screws onto the tripod plate.  Has someone come up with a proper working solution to stop the ballhead from unscrewing itself. Not superglue   I have tried a thin piece of rubber tyre - no good.  Can't find any thin and durable piece of cork.  Just either need to increase the friction between the ball head and the tripod plate or use some sort of grip-like connection for joining two pipes together, bit of a pain to quickly take off though.  Monopod pod is no good for architectural shoots.  After tried and tested solution or solutions I can purchase from a dealer.  Cheers in advance.

Thread locker will work well, as mentioned, but tends to be a semi-permanent solution.  If that's what you're after it is a good choice.  It comes in two basic flavors "blue" and "red"... the blue is meant to be able to be "undone" (though with some effort and highly bonded residue left behind - which I very much don't like), and the red takes serioous heating with a flame torch to undo - I'd not recommend this for your application.

Another alternative that I have used very successfully is to use the tiniest dab of silicon sealer on the threads.  It is easier to "unlock" than thread locker, and the "remains" are easily removed from the threads with a wooden tooth pick when necessary.



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