16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: Says Who?

tedolf wrote:

Yohan Pamudji wrote:

TorsteinH wrote:

I did some testing with the ZD 50-200 and E-30/E-5 a few years ago. You may be able to see a hint of diffraction effect at f/8, but for any real world photos I had to stop down to f/11 to really see the effect.

The point of contention isn't at which aperture diffraction starts to matter.

Yes it is.

That's debatable based on perception.

Not really.

The point is that there's no appreciable difference for when diffraction starts for the 12MP and 16MP sensors.

Says who?


That's the point that you and I are debating, which is what I was clarifying to TorsteinH.

That is, if it starts affecting you at f/11 on the 12MP sensor then it does so at f/11 on the 16MP sensor as well.  If f/8 is where it starts to bother you on the 12MP then it will at f/8 on the 16MP also.

Where do you get this idea from?

Mathematically, the closer the sensor pitch the sooner (i.e. larger aperture) you will start seeing diffraction.

This is not debatable.


I get this idea from looking at pictures, which you suggested I do but you yourself refuse to do.  Friendly advice: you should back away from the mathematics of optics.  We've established how bad you are at it during our DOF discussions.  The "mathematics" that you keep quoting is on a per-pixel level, but at the image level the greater detail of the higher MP balances out the loss of detail due to diffraction, hence no difference in final result at the image level.  See Great Bustard's comments and linked articles, assuming you don't still have a severe aversion to referring to outside sources when provided with additional info like you did during our DOF discussions.

In case you're ready to take your own advice and look at pictures, here are some pictures to look at with some explanations to go with them:


In summary and for the last time: if diffraction starts bothering you at f/11 on a 12MP m4/3 sensor then it will do so at f/11 on a 16MP m4/3 sensor as well.  You're free to disagree but the proof is there both in the math and in photos.

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