What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

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Re: What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

Harveydad wrote:

As I have written before, the cheating will go on as long as there is voting.

Let me explain once more: Even if you can't remove cheating, you can render it utterly ineffective.

The cheaters will always find, and have always found ways to get around the rules.

Not so. If breaking of rules brings adequate response, it will cease. But it will have to be implemented.

DPR will have to find a way to run challenges without voting.

Votes and ranging has to come from somewhere. Otherwise you have what is called "gallery".

Perhaps let the host pick the top 5 or 10.

Even if your host is a newbie or a wannabe photographer with no knowlege? You'd accept that, just because someone is "hosting"? What qualification is that? I wonder how many others would accept such "ranking"? And what would one learn from such stats, if one uses those to improve?

Or a committee of some kind.

I have done that, and spent some time later explaining to people that this "committee" was expert enough. Never mind that nobody but me knew who they were; people just complained, if only out of inertia. This committee was way better than 90% of the entrants, but it was not accepted at my word, even when the alternative is the unknown voters like we have now. I would never repeat that.

The DPR Challenge is the only amateur photo competition that I am aware of which requires voting.

That's because it is not restricted to amateurs, and there are no material prizes.

Maybe it is time take a look at the other photo competition sites to see how they choose the photos of the day.

You will find out that many others collect some kind of public response, in one form or another, and those who do not, they have some kind of jury (which quality is unknown), and entrants accept that by the fact that they enter their works. But there is always a poor variety to themes, and never so wide a choice as with DPR Challenges, so there is something for everybody at all times.

So if you are genuinely interested and really want to help, please come up with a COMPLETE solution, which would be usable in all aspects that the Challenges are offering. It is imperative that the solution is impervious to all the problems that the current system can't control, and not yet another hole-riddled version like what we have now.

I think I have such a solution, it was explained a hundred times, and all it takes is someone at the site decision-making level to become interested.

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POGO was right !


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