MFT shipments down

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Re: MFT shipments down

cptobvious wrote:

Too much unsold inventory floating around.  Yet Panasonic and Olympus are still replacing some cameras that are mere months old (e.g., GF5, E-PL5).

with minor updates. even though the situation is not entirely similar, they should take a look at other situations that bear some similarities, which just induce a sentiment of frustration to end customers:

- the PC market from 10 years ago

- Autodesk's business model regarding Autocad

- A lot of the car manufacturers on the "tick-tock" Intel-like 4 year cycle (tick1 = introduce model, tock1 = introduce facelift after 2 years, tick2 = introduce redesigned model after another 2 years, tock2 = introduce facelift to the new model, etc, etc). I've seen this happening a lot in recent years. It may have something to do to ever-changing safety and pollution standards, but you don't have to redesign a whole car most of the time to accommodate this.

The main underlying problem is the march towards the "consumer society" (which reminds me of the march towards the "communist society"), in which everything must be a consumable so that there is ever-increasing demand and the consumer is actually a slave that works just to pay for whatever is being produced (or just to replace what has broken down - but nobody tells you that). We could have a whole argument on this topic alone.

This whole madness is fueled by "analysts", be them marketing, financial or just people with published opinions. They are the main agents demanding ever-increasing innovation and sales, without taking into account simple facts of human life. Like: "I just bought this camera, I'd like to keep it for a few years". But, no, if a manufacturer doesn't put out a new model every few months they are bad mouthed as being on the verge of collapse - look at the people crying the end of Apple, Microsoft, maybe even Pentax, I don't know. These opinions, often presented as absolute truth, are red by investors or investment fund managers or stock traders or just normal people who just don't know better and then they decide to sell said company's stock. So the company does struggle, but not because it doesn't have a good product, but because of the stock market.

And the "Panasonic came out with a new model and it doesn't have the newest sensor in it, m4/3 is all doomed now because of it" attitude of some people doesn't really help either. It's not like you're being forced to buy it. I suspect that most people saying these things weren't even looking to buy a new camera in the near future.

The point I'm trying to make is this: market saturation+very good products+really short upgrade cycles+luxury items = decreased demand. Never forget that these cameras are luxury items for 99% of the people.And they are really really good compared to what most people use (not counting the FF people, who can't seem to grasp the concept of "value" and wonder why we don't all have $3000 cameras). So, really once you buy a m4/3 camera, why would a normal person replace it every year or so just because there's a slightly better model out? Not everybody cares, or has the time to sell the old body, or has the money for a new body, etc. Why not buy lens, filters, cases... or just be happy with what you have for 5 years?

Taking pictures (I can't say that what I do with my cameras can be called "photography") is a hobby for me. As such, it really prone to underfunding when anything slightly more important comes along.

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