Are there any generic inks that truly match OEM?

Started Aug 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
jtoolman Veteran Member • Posts: 6,706
Re: Are there any generic inks that truly match OEM?

Anthony wrote:

I just picked up a rebated Canon Pro9000 MKII for a decent price.

After having Epson for years, the thought of paying for ink, is like having my finger nails pulled.

I'm looking at generic ink options.


Are there any truly good generic inks that match up to OEM? I dont want to be "close", I want to look identical.


If I have to settle for less, I'd rather pay for Canon OEM inks, and print more conservatively.

Buy Image Specialists inks and a reseter from

and learn to refill you OEM carts.

Do not EVER use compatible or refillable carts on ANY Canon!


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