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Re: larger SSDs, drive caddy for 2nd hard drive

Jim Cockfield wrote:

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Bouldergramp wrote:

You might consider a SSD replacement drive.

I would really like to do that but my laptop only has one drive bay and the current ssds are either too small for my use or too expensive for my budget.

Yea... larger SSDs are not cheap.  But, Micron just introduced a new 1TB (or rather 960GB) model that has a *very* low cost/GB compared to competing SSD models.   Click on the "Show all compatible Solid State Drives" link from this page and you'll see the Crucial branded drive model (960GB Crucial M500).

$600 for a 1TB ssd. The last time I looked the largest I could find was something like 500GB.

As for only having support for one drive, you can probably find a caddy that lets you replace your optical drive with another hard drive (as most modern laptops just use a standard SATA connection to their optical drive, so designing a hard drive caddy to replace the optical drive is not very hard).

There are lots of "generic" drive caddies like that on the market now, too. But, you want to get one that others have found to fit OK in a given laptop model (as you'll usually need to remove some screws associated with the optical drive mounting bracket so that it can be removed, and replace it with a caddy that has the right screw hole alignment, etc, with a faceplate that matches up to the size of the optical drive bay on it).  Most are 12.7mm. But, again, I'd do some digging through forums to find out what others have found worked OK with your specific laptop model.  Here's an example, a generic 2nd drive caddy that's designed to replace a SATA optical drive:

12.7mm Second Drive Caddy

I did not know these even existed. It is an interesting option although my XPS-15 has a Blu-ray burner. My original idea was to create video/movie slide shows from my DSLR and burn them to Blu-ray. Unfortunately none of the software packages I found was able to create Blu-ray slide shows any better than the AVCHD DVD slide shows and the cost of the burner turned out to be a waste.

After checking I found that Amazon also has a drive caddy and I suppose I would feel somewhat more comfortable buying from them than from some completely unknown vendor.

This is definitely something to think about. I could easily get by with a 240GB (or smaller) ssd if I had a second hard drive.

Thanks for the information.

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