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Re: Building a PC

The power saver mode is just the monitor's way of saying it's not getting any video signal, so that just means the PC is off.

Typical problems that would cause a problem like your description:

  • Bad memory, or inproperly seated memory. The machine will boot with just one memory channel populated, so you could remove all the memory but one stick, be sure that you've put the stick in slot 0 of channel 0, if you have the motherboard manual, or if you can read the small print on the motherboard you should be able to see which is the first slot.
  • Exceptionally poorly installed heatsink, if the machine doesn't even get to the BIOS it's likely not this issue because the CPU shouldn't heat up that much that quickly, unless the heatsink is completely detached from the CPU, or totally missing the thermal paste - check you do have thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink.
  • Water cooler pump? If you have a watercooler system check the pump is working, and connected to power. If it's not pumping the heatsink on the CPU should be quite hot, if it's working normally it won't be much above 45C under normal load.
  • Broken power supply, if the PSU is broken then it can easily provide enough current to get started, but then shut down when the real power draw starts. Do you also have all the power supply cables connected to the motherboard? You should have both the 24 pin (or 20+4) connector plus either a 4 or 8 pin yellow and black connector (connector is white, wires are all yellow and black), not having connected this might cause shutdowns like you describe.

In my experience, the #1 source of problems is usually the memory, try booting with one stick, if that doesn't work, switch and use the other stick. So long as you have 2GB you'd be able boot and install windows. The #2 source is bad power supplies. I've never had troubles with the heatsink or CPU.

Storage problems shouldn't be able to cause the problems you're seeing.


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