Fuji Prices Are Too High.

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Re: Fuji Can keep prices high

I purchased my X-pro1 in February 2012.  I didn't receive it until May.  I knew that the price would come down significantly from the $1600 that I spent, but I was so excited I couldn't wait.  The new x-trans sensor seemed to promising, and I was elated with the results.  OF COURSE it cost more money for this technology.  And it will continue to cost more for a while, that is until other companies come up with a competing technology.  I for one am fine with it because it is that free market that encourages these geniuses to continue the innovation that we all enjoy.

As for Fuji glass.  I have four of their lenses, as well as several other lenses for SLR's.  They are no softer then the best glass that I have used from either Nikon or Canon.  In fact it is better than some of those offerings.  They even hold their own against lenses that are twice and three times the price Zeiss and dare I say even Leica.

As for the auto focus.  It sucked at first, but it was still better than using my Leica.  But now it is really quite responsive.  Maybe it is because I was using it when it first came out, but these days I am really quite pleased. Especially with the zoom.  Hopefully there is a focus peaking update coming.  If not....well then I will be dropping another huge dime on the X-Pro2, because frankly I have come to love the system and see no difference in the chunk I just laid down when I upgraded to the D600.

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