16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: No, not quite the opposite

Jorginho wrote:

In high ISO especially OMD is closer to D7100 than Gh2. In general, again according to DxO, it sits right in between those.

Tha tis downsized at 8 MPIxels. If we compare widgets it is 16 vs 24 MPixel. Here, the D7100 noise will look worse than when we downsize. Also, for the 1000th time, OMD is heavily "penalised""by DxO's take on ISOm which is non standardised.

From my experience fwiw EPL5 (=OMD) does not overstate ISo by nearly as much as DxO claims. I have specifically done tests with the GH2 as comparison. I think it is about 1/3 to 2/3 (at most). It is not consistent but on average I would say 1/2 a stop at most. DxO claims 1  stop. I have never come to that difference. Also: if I go by GH2 and get the 2/3 stop difference it simply is underexposed many times compared to the EPL5...

So to my mind, in conclusion:

1) DxO simply overstates the difference between their real ISO and Oly's

2) The larger pixelcount of the D7100, if we do not resize, will give it larger noise.

In reality I think the difference between these two is smaller than DxO shows us and that with 2) explains why we see so little difference in the widgets.

I was speaking solely about the widget RAW results.  The widget uses manufacturer-indicated ISO values, rather than any DXOMark adjustments, so I don't know what prompted the DXOMark discussion in response to my message.

If you're looking at the widget charts and not seeing notably better RAW results with the D7100, then you must be looking only at the default grey noise chart.  Click chroma and black, and you'll see that in those cases the OM-D's noise levels are closer to the GH-2 than they are to the D7100.  See the below excerpts:

Chroma (OM-D and GH-2 roughly the same through ISO 3200):

Grey (OM-D and D7100 roughly the same through ISO 6400, with GH-2 lagging):

Black (up to ISO 3200, OM-D and GH-2 roughly the same):

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