Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

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Re: Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

Lord Mox wrote:

Hey all,

I am about to invest in a new monitor. I really do need help. I used to be a gamer and one of my main issues was response time. That's all over now as I've quit gaming....and found a new

My current monitor isn't that good. I see color banding almost in every photo when I start to edit it in LR or PS. So, after some research I learned that it's mainly due to my monitor...after more research I settled on Dell ultrasharp 2413. I could go to 27" ...but I am not comfortable increasing the size...It might be that, for gaming, I am used to smaller screen where I can see things faster if the monitor is smaller as I don't need to move my head! Anyway, the questions are:

-For a 24", what do you recommend for a monitor that won't exceed $700-800...for photo editing that is.

-Does graphic card performance matters for photo editing as much as it does for gaming?? my current is Nvidia GTX 560.

Again, I could go to $900 if it's really worth it.(But I am keeping in mind that I would probably need to invest in a calibration device which would easily cost me an additional $200+).

Thanks guys...

What resolution do you seek? Most 24'' IPS monitors are 1920*1080/1200P

For photoediting, some of the Adobe Suite benefits from nvidia CUDA cores and AMD OPEN CL/GL to enable hardware acceleration processing. For gaming, you need a high end card to enjoy a smooth gameplay @ high resolution.

For the monitor, you can get a very good one @ 500$

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