16MP sensor improvements?

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It is funny how debates go

I have a cam with the 12 MP and 16 MP Panny 9G1 and Gh2) and with the Sony sensor (EPl5). exactly here, in your phtoo's, is where things go wrong for the 12 espeiailly, but also (but far less so) for the 16 MP Panny sensor.

In high contrast situation which require a good DR, you see the difference easily. if the situation is not demanding, things get more difficult to spot of course...In low light: the difference between all of them again is easy to spot, but less so between P 16 MP and S 16 MP. etc.

Funny thing is:

- Those who have a DSLR and never used a mFT say how bad it is, how it is a failure 9at least the vocal non-users on this forum do)

- Those who have experience with the 12 MPixel but not the 16 MPixel cams do something similar ("you don't need it, 12 Mpixel is good enough etc")

- Those with the 16 MPixel Panny sensor in their cam something similar to those with the 16 MP Sony (there is an insigificant difference, you need to pixelpeep etc)

it is almost always those who have zero experience with the cams they talk about that feel it is not adding much (or worse than something else they do use themselves).

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