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"You guys will get it sooner or later, when you upgrade and your whole perception of what is sharp and what isn't will get moved up a major notch.  The fact that Nikon has come alarmingly close to the D800 with the D7100 is a great achievement, one which will evidently take some time to appreciate.  There's nothing new here.  Just as the D7000 did for the D90, so the D7100 will do for the 16MP cameras."

I have to admit that the review doesn't do justice to the 7100 vs 7000 debate. I have over 30k shots on the 7000 - most processed with LR4, PS CS5, NIK plug-ins. In the three weeks with the 7100 I've noticed (on a 27", 2560 x 1440 high gamut monitor) that the detail/dynamic range in pictures is much better and the pictures require virtually no editing (sharpness is incredible w/ LR default setting for RAW conversion). Sure I'll still tweak them for shadows/highlights, etc.

I love my D7000, but every pic needs TLC to bring out the best. The 7100 pics just have some intangible quality difference that's hard to explain. BTW, would have bought D600 if it had the 7100's focusing system or the D800 if it had better frame rate/U1-2/ and a few other features. I'll likely go full frame with the nex iteration of either of these cameras.

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