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D600 or d7100 - depends a lot on you

Pingpongrallyon wrote:

Hi. I am looking to buy a Dslr for taking photo of my 1 year old son. I can afford either a d600 or a d7100. Which one should I get? Thanks.

There are many arguments supporting either choice: You are choosing between two (overall) very good cameras. They just have slightly different sets of advantages and disadvantages.

First of all the overall capability of a camera system comes from a combination of camera and lenses. Depending on what you shoot, you quite often get better performance from a cheaper camera with better lenses then with a more advanced camera but with lesser lenses. Which in you case mean it very likely could be better idea to buy a D7100 and spend the $800 price difference compared to the D600 on getting better lenses then you could afford if you got a D600.

A example: A D7100 with a kit zoom + Nikon AF-S 35/1.8 and Nikon AF-S 50/1.8 will give you more photo oppurtunities and possibly better photos then a D600 with just a kit zoom and no other lenses (those two extra lenses for the D7100 actually only cost about $420).

Overall, the D7100 has a noticeably more advanced AF system then the D600 which might come in handy when your son grows older and start moving around (with the surprising agility and speed of children). On the other hand, a D600 will work better in low light. You can make a long list of pluses and minuses for each camera, but without knowing more about you and your camera experience, it is a bit difficult to elaborate on this.

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