16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: Tedolf's real world, not THE real world

TorsteinH wrote:

Yohan Pamudji wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Do any of you actually look at your photo's to see what diffraction looks like?

It makes the whole photo look like it was shot though a screen.  The worst effect is on the background out of focus objects where it creates a distracting "haze" that doesn't look right.

That sort of thing doesn't show up in test charts.

Yes, you migh not be able to read letters any worse but diffraction does make the photo worse.

Please, use some common sense and look at your photo's  in addition to reading websites and measurebating.


Do you have one of the Olympus cameras with 16MP sensor?  I'm guessing not.  You should take your own advice and look at photos instead of spouting your own theory.  You would see that both the 12MP and 16MP sensors start showing diffraction effects at f/8 regardless of lens.  I have the E-P1 and E-M5 and have shot with the E-P3 as well.  All start softening a bit  at f/8 due to diffraction with any lens I use on them.  By f/11 the effect is very obvious on both sensors.  I'm not sure how you can look at your pictures and say that the 12MP goes to "f/11-16 without a lot of noticable diffraction", but if we assume that's true then the same is true of the 16MP sensor by your standards.

In short: the 16MP sensor isn't noticeably worse in terms of diffraction than the 12MP, not unless you're "measurebating" as you so derisively refer to it.  Again, maybe you should take your own advice.

I did some testing with the ZD 50-200 and E-30/E-5 a few years ago. You may be able to see a hint of diffraction effect at f/8, but for any real world photos I had to stop down to f/11 to really see the effect.

The point of contention isn't at which aperture diffraction starts to matter.  That's debatable based on perception.  The point is that there's no appreciable difference for when diffraction starts for the 12MP and 16MP sensors.  That is, if it starts affecting you at f/11 on the 12MP sensor then it does so at f/11 on the 16MP sensor as well.  If f/8 is where it starts to bother you on the 12MP then it will at f/8 on the 16MP also.

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