Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

I believe that you are right in some ways.  Some want bigger and heavier, some want smaller and lighter.

I have small hands (as will a number of users) and prefer a smaller camera and grip. When I travel, I tend to travel with a carry on rucksack that weighs, at the most 12kg when packed. In this I have clothes for as long as I need plus a camera and various other gear.  Due to the size and weight restrictions it means I want a small, light, small DSLR. Ditto for lenses. If I am able to travel with two or three lenses at the most I am happy.  I am also after as long a reach as possible for wildlife, including birds.

unfortunately I like many types of photography (including landscape,street photography, wildlife, macro and a wee bit of video) which means selecting small light weight lenses is difficult.  Is why I like DX.  I have tried micro 4/3rds, but the Panasonic GH-1 I had, whilst small and light was, for me, very poor in low light and overly complex with the buttons and menu system.  low light is important for me as I prefer not to use a flash, yet I also need the reach of a DX (lens size, lens cost and lens weight being important).

I am very happy with my Nikon D200; just wish it had better ISO, more FPS, a better metering system and a better focus system. More megapixels would also be nice for those photos I printout larger than A3. I would also like the option of video.

Even when not flying I want the same. I am more likely to carry a small, light DSLR than a big heavy one. A compact doesn't meet my needs for that occasion when a buzzard crosses in front of me, or annoys me by sitting on impossibly thin tree branches, which don't bend, and I can't work out why The branch hasn't bent or broken off.

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