How does X100 manual focus work?

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Re: How does X100 manual focus work?

I couldn't figure out how to manual focus for ages, as noone seems to properly answer this question on any of the forums. The manual explains it pretty clearly though 

It might just be step 5 that you are missing (it was for me), but I've described every step below for completeness.

1. Make sure you're in Manual Focus mode (choose MF with switch on the side of the camera), with the EVF switched off (use the lever with red line on the front of the camera).

2. Look through the optical view finder and sight your target.  Change the diopter diial to the left of the viewfinder to adjust the focus to your eyesight (you should only need to do this once).

3. Hold the AF button and use the command dial (the wheel with Menu/OK in the centre) to select the area you with to focus on.

4. The press the AFL/AEL button to focus the camera.  You won't see anything happen here, but you should hear a small noise from you camera as it focuses.

5. Now this is the magic part! Press the 'command control' in.  This is NOT the same as the command dial.  The command control is the lever above the command dial that can go left or right. It can also be pressed straight in. Press it in and the EVF will be displayed, showing a magnified view of the area selected in step 4.

6.  You can now fine tune the focus by turning the focus ring around the lens. I use the middle finger of my right hand to do this.  When you are happy, press the shutter release and take a photo.

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