7d Mk II - This does not make sense!

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Re: why?

tko wrote:

You want a high end video camera, a high end sports camera, and a high end FF camera rolled up in one, w/only a slight price mark up.

tvstaff wrote:

Full Frame - Water and Dust Tight - Auto Focus w/Video - More Cross Sections for Focus - Wifi

FF - that's what defines the 7d. It it was FF it would be the top of the line 1D pro series w/a $10,000 price tag.

It already has AF for video. Not the best, but that's the nature of the beast.

Wifi for a 10FPS camera? Wifi is for studio shots. Never use it for travel. Never use it for sports.

With just the above I think two things could happen. 7D owners would buy one as a step up for those of us that want Full Frame AND 5D Mk III owners that wanted a Water and Dust Tight backup.

I really don't understand why Canon would make the new 7d Mk II anything BUT Full Frame.

Well, I wouldn't buy it, because I have 5dIII. I like the crop of the 7d. A 20+ MP sensor in crop would be wonderful

Since I love my 7D and the abuse it can take, I was really hoping the new 7D MkII would fall between the 5D and 1D for some features I wanted at around the $2,500 to $3,000 range....

Why should it be better than the 5d series?

Is there ANY chance this will be the case?? ANY?


Hi Zero,

One of the reasons I like the 7D so much and want to see it in a FF is because of, one of the points you made and I think it's a good one.

I like using the 7D for portraits and still life and I think it does a great job w/good glass.  The issue is indeed ISO to a lesser extent but it's the focus system I wish was improved a bit.  I'm not not saying the current one is bad... It's just I'd love 64 vs 19

As for wi-fi, I'd like to be able to dump to my NAS and or a tablet as I shoot without being teathered.

I think the 7D now is a good solid platform!!  For me the extra focus, color depth for shots like these would be nice.   I know Canon will do what they want and they are a great company.  I'm just talking about my wish list.

All the best to you!

I think the 7D could be a great in studio as a FF

A little better color depth would be nice too.

All I'm sayings is I like the platform and wish I could tweak it to my wants.

As some here have said. "The 5Dmk III" is also weather tight"  But in going to Canon's site and just now calling Canon... They claim as of now, Only the 7D and 1D cameras are best and the 1D much much better than the 7D.

The 1D is not an option for me.... So I can "Wish".. I'm allowed to do that

I need another body....  perhaps I'll just have to wait a little longer... but I'm happy Canon owner and think they are a great company.

All the best TKO.


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