Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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The extent that some people on here go to justify their OWN purchases never ceases to amaze me. So seriously, do you just make this crap up or is your wife reading this and you need to justify it to her?

You like it, fine, buy it. It's your money, your choices. However I will say that after shooting film for years and then Nikon DSLR's (with the holy trinity) for years, shooting with the EM-5 and some small primes has been a breath of fresh air... for ME.

In my experiance, the only ones "trashing" the current m43 body/lens lineup are those who have never used one. From the people that I have talked to and shot with, the majority of EM-5 and XE-1 users are those who have been there/done that with the DSLR's. They have made inteligent decions based on their own shooting needs/requirements and are more than happy with their choices.

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