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Re: D7100 dynamic range

ecmjazz wrote:

Just saw the dpreview's review of D7100. It seems from it that D7100 has greater dynamic range than D600, which is kinda unlikely to me - moreover the review doesn't blow whistles on the D7100's dynamic range, while if it really had that big dynamic range, they definitely should do it, or shouldn't they? Moreover the D600's high ISO performance is undoubtedly better, so once again how come then it has lower dynamics?

I thought by now everybody understood that DPR's Dynamic Range measurements are performed on 8-bit, camera processed Jpeg files - a bit like trying to evaluate the DR of a high-end audiophile recording by listening to it through a smartphone's built-in speakers: what does measuring the DR at the output of the built-in speakers tell you about the DR of the recording, especially if you are planning to listen to it later on good speakers at home?  Right

On the other hand engineering DR is not only related to the size of the photosite (the larger the better, advantage D600) but also to the noise introduced by the electronics (which recently appears to have been inveresly related to the size of the photosites, advantage D7100).  As it turns out the D600 ends up on top with a better eDR of about 1/3-1/2 a stop throughout the ISO range, as you can verify at Dxomark.com.  That's the figure you are interested in, and not a deal breaker either way.



PS of course the D600 is almost a stop better as far as noise performance goes overall, but that's a different  issue altogether.

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