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Re: Noise performance comments updated...

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Unfortunate that the staff couldn't see the difference between the D5200 and the D7100.  Maybe if they had looked here.

They did see the difference...and noted well it's impact in practical terms

We tell people not to pixel peep and then say "there's a difference", but it's only noticeable by pixel peeping.  No wonder people are confused

There's no practical difference, and for most, there won't be an appreciable difference between the D7000 and D5200/D7100.

As a D800e owner, I can say without any question that there is a major practical difference on each and every shot I take compared to the D7000 I owned and put 30K shots on.  It's not subtle or hard to spot at all.  It's there in the slamming color intensity and delicate airy filigreed details visible at any magnification, not just pixel peeping time.  It's breathtaking, and a dream come true for one who has done the whole gamut from Brownie to 4X5 and each stop along the digital path.

You guys will get it sooner or later, when you upgrade and your whole perception of what is sharp and what isn't will get moved up a major notch.  The fact that Nikon has come alarmingly close to the D800 with the D7100 is a great achievement, one which will evidently take some time to appreciate.  There's nothing new here.  Just as the D7000 did for the D90, so the D7100 will do for the 16MP cameras.

I would like to know how DPR interprets a noise graph in which the D7100 equals the D7000 for the lowest chrominance noise of all APS-C bodies as being at the bottom of the APS-C pack.

If anyone cares, DPR corrected their comments on the Noise page of the review to reflect what the samples and graphs are actually showing. If you want higher resolution, the D7100 will give it to you at no cost in noise performance, outside of a few warts at extremely low levels.

AA filter or no AA filter, the D7100 AND the D5200 are performing right at the very highest levels possible for a DX sensor, and this gives the photog willing to post-process a lot more options for making images - if the subject isn't rapidly moving, the options are pretty amazing.  Image stacking, advanced NR at higher ISOs with lots of held detail, lots of things.  That's the real story of this camera.

A good summation.  Lots to like about this camera.  Another Mike has opined that with really good lenses, this camera is on another level, which tallies perfectly with the insane res visible on the Nikon samples.  With the noise and resolution aspects in the bank, the debate now moves to what lenses will get excellent results with the D7100.  The 18-105VR has been found wanting by DPR.

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