H-PS14042 VS H-FS014042 on the Panasonic GF5

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Re: H-PS14042 VS H-FS014042 on the Panasonic GF5

The 14-42 and 14-42 X lenses are ok. Not super but they're fine lenses. Obviously the X is more compact. The 14-45 and the shots I've seen from the 14-42 mk 2 are sharper however neither of those are available as a kit lens for the GF5 to my knowledge.

If putting the camera in your pocket is important, then perhaps asking about an exchange for the PZ might be worth trying but I wouldn't be too upset if it doesn't happen. The 14-42 might be bigger but it'll never have a shutter shock issue ( although I don't see the issue on my GF5).

If you're keeping the GF5 with the bigger zoom, see if pocketablity or the range is more important to you. If size matters, get the 20mm f/1.7. If you like the zoom, get the 14-45. If you shoot lots of video and want pocketablity, then get the PZ lens over the 20.

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