SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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Re: SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

dinoSnake wrote:


Using FT / mFT users as a test, do you understand "the impact of sensor size on image quality"?  What was your knowledge of this topic at the time you made your purchase decision of the cameras you are now using?  How did your purchase decision go in regards to this?

Please post your replies and thoughts on this topic, I could use feedback urgently.

Thank you!

Assuming that the OP is sincere in asking the 3 questions, here are my answers as a Compact user, to a GF1, to a GH2 user.:

1   Yes, but not as much I now understand, largely to the contribution of THIS FELLOW. , for which I am very grateful.

2   When I made the decision, 3 years ago, I tried out FF, APS-C, MFT and more compacts.  I also read about the POTENTIAL of the above and was impressed with the optics/physics (I have a background in that stuff) of Mirrorless Cameras.  From that it was evident that MFT had the greatest POTENTIAL as a system so I bought a GF1.

3   It was a good decision but I upgraded to a GH2 because I needed the ergonomics and the EVF.  As an old f@rt, I suspect that MFT will be my last camera system.  It works fine for what I want to do.

I trust that the above provides useful feedback to you.

The stuff below is optional context:

I used to hang around with a good friend who passed away last year.   He lived in the city, drove big Buicks, had a 17" MacBookPro, and always expected "nothing than the best".  ( I live "in the sticks", drive 1980s AMC Eagle Station Wagons (and one truck, now), use a 15" MBP, and get by with good tools.)

We coincidentally changed our camera gear at the same time.

He bought a nice camera with kit lens.   I bought an "itty-bitty" camera with several lenses.

He used to take his camera out of his car and leave it on the table in the restaurant that we frequented.  I left mine in the car with my trusty doggies.  He ragged me about my crappy cars, inadequate computer and "bridge camera".

He knew virtually nothing about optics, camera operation, or technique.   He kept his camera set up as per the Instruction:

Instruction:  Line up the two yellow arrows.

He sorta reminds me of the folks on DPR who crap on those who dare to use formats other than their favorites.   They display their ignorance of basic geometrical optics, physical optics, and sensor characteristics.  In so doing they display their unwillingness (or maybe incapability) to learn more about their photographic tools.  Too bad.

The good news is that it stopped snowing this morning.  In a few weeks we'll be able to photograph this sort of stuff:

captured in JPEG ....  Looking forward to using my new skills in shooting RAW this time around.

Finally, THIS seems to make a lot of sense to me.


AHA!  DPG Website Editor.

I beat you this time.... I Ctl-C'd my post before hitting "Post" this time!!!

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