Windows 8 freezing up

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Re: Event Viewer events

Bob Collette wrote:

Before you're ready to shutdown for the night, do a Properties on the C: drive (I'm assuming it's the C: drive), select the Tools tab, and under the Error Checking section, click the "Check now" button.  Check both check boxes and press the "Start" button.

First, yes the drive is C:\.

This problem has been with me for some time and, some months ago, out of desperation, I did an error check on the system disc thinking that perhaps it was a disc problem. I had not checked the Event Viewer so I did not know about the disc retry, but I had tried everything else I could think of to try.

There were no check boxes for me to check but the scan proceeded and, as I remember, found no disc errors. Yet the Event Viewer is showing me continual retries for one specific logical sector.

I think your advice is spot-on and I am going to do another check for errors on the disc. Windows 8 does allow me to continue working while the scan is going one. But I think, regardless, that I will get a new disc and restore my latest disc image (I use Acronis) to the new disc.

you should backup the drive immediately (you should be doing this on a regular basis anyway) and buy a replacement drive.

I try to backup my system with Acronis making disc images on a regular basis. I have had to rebuild enough systems to know of the work involved.

Thanks for the advice.


The disc check completed in almost no time at all. It found a bunch of problem, but they were file system problems rather than disc error problems. I expect I will order a new laptop disc (this is a laptop) and do an image restore. Better to be safe than sorry and the cost of laptop discs are now very low.

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