My Fuji HS50EXR Review

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Re: My Fuji HS50EXR Review

DS21 wrote:

wymjym wrote:

I would imagine that spot is better for critters.....if you miss the exposure on fur/feathers there is usually too much noise or no detail to work basically the critter is most important and the surrounding area takes a back seat.


I agree, but in the review the spot metering is a general recommendation, not just for critters. In all posted samples there is 0 Ev applied, I question will the less skilled users be able to pull this off just using spot, especially in high contrast scenes. The reviewer is effectively taking the camera metering out of the equation, replacing it with his skill in using spot, this is not how it will necessarily work for others. And Fuji metering, both avg and multi, is the area where Fuji slipped the most lately, it is strange not to mention it at all, and it can be a big problem for less skilled users who consider the camera based on this review.

I treat it as a report, not a review. In general 5 star ratings are not very credible, every cam has flaws.

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