Be Thankful For Olympus Gear

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not upset at what Oly does right

I too like Oly colours. Also, the E1 (+ 2 kit lenses) stole my heart. Awesome combination. The reason I got into Oly in the first place was competitive quality in a smaller package. That is why I have never 'jumped ship'. There are no other 'small package' DSLR systems out there.

m4/3rds is not a DSLR, though I'm watching closely.

I'm not upset at what Oly did right. I'm upset at them for (in my view) ruining the system. It could have been so good.

Instead we got stupid marketing (the E3 'gottaway proof' focus being advertised with a front focused image in a national pro photog magazine in the states), stupid design goals (who was asking for 'the worlds fastest' AF ... it was a 'need' that Oly invented out of whole cloth), old tech noisy sensors, Canon knock-off body, life-view flippy up mirror rubbish (did they learn nothing from Fuji who did this first?), an AF unit that couldn't focus reliably in backlight, CAF left in the stone age, MASSIVE SHG LENSES when their own stated unique selling point was a 'compact system' ... etc, etc.

I still own an E1 but the sensor is dying in it. Never liked the E3. Use it because I have it, but it is a lemon as far as I'm concerned.

John, I am sincerely sorry for ranting so much against the much loved (on this forum) E5. If it works for you, I don't mean to take anything away. It's that the E3 was the first real nail in the 4/3rds coffin so I can't help but see the E5 as simply another nail.

Let's hope that you can throw egg in my face when Oly produces a corker in the fall ... though I still don't think we'll see another 4/3rds camera. It will almost certainly be m4/3rds that may (or may not) competently focus the 4/3rds lenses.

If I'm wrong about the 'new' 4/3rds body too, well, you can throw bacon at my face as well.

Mmmmmmmm. Bacon.

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