SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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If they are explained correctly, then nobody disputes facts

dinoSnake wrote:

DigiMatt wrote:

dinoSnake wrote:

News flash: EVERYONE who bought into their systems KNOWS that their chosen format - CX, FT, mFT, APS-C and yes, even FF - will simply not give the same results as the next format size up.  It was a WILLFUL decision: a cost vs benefit ratio in terms of advantages versus disadvantages for exact and every camera format.

LOL, this so wrong its comical. I have a NEWSFLASH for you: The overwhelming majority of photographers DO NOT understand that their chosen format is an image quality compromise. There are hoards of m4/3, APS-C, and FF users here on DPReview who will go to the grave not understanding equivalence and the impact of sensor size on image quality. It's like Galileo Galilei  defending Nicolaus Copernicus ideas on heliocentrism to the Catholic church. It's not going over well.

So, is this true?


There may be some people who do not understand simple geometry and ratios, but there would be few.

Using FT / mFT users as a test, do you understand "the impact of sensor size on image quality"?

Yes.  I also understand that this is a shifting target.

What was your knowledge of this topic at the time you made your purchase decision of the cameras you are now using?

If I had unlimited money I would likely have bought a Canon 135 system as it would duplicate my film system.

Then later I would have likely bought a FourThirds system to get smaller high-quality lenses.

How did your purchase decision go in regards to this?

I bought FourThirds with the view to trying it out then buying HG lenses later if it was suitable.  It was and I did.

Presently I use an E-5 and 50-200 / 12-60, paired with an E-M5 12-50 / 45.  I will certainly consider an 'E-7', and / or any MicroFT body that can properly use my HG lenses.

Please post your replies and thoughts on this topic, I could use feedback urgently.

Thank you!

If you are arguing about 'equivalence' with Joe the "Great Bustard", then simply ask him why, after he started to sufficiently explain what he meant, nobody took issue with what he was saying.

The problem is not that most people are ignorant fools, the problem is that some people tend to make simple things convoluted and indecipherable (then resist fiercely when you try to get them to explain what they are on about in comprehensible terms).

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