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esco wrote:

Read it again, I never said canon came up with AF.

As long as we are being like this, did I say you said Canon came up with AF? No I alluded to your point that Minolta made IBIS first negating the Olympus development. My point was that Canon also didnt develop AF but simply improved it (Just as Olympus has for IBIS).

swivel screens do hamper durability from the simple fact that you can break them off and that they simply cannot be sealed within the chassis if a camera.

Actually, when I was using my E-3 I found the swivel screen MORE durable because when I was in bad weather and had the camera slung as I was moving around I wasnt scratching my screen with my zippers and buttons (as I did early on with my a850 while I was waiting for the screen protector to come in). The strawman argument that it can break off doesnt reflect how people generally use that feature, they dont run and gun with the screen flopping all over the place. As for weather sealing, the stories of failure are pretty common with all brands.

you have probably never had the chance to hold a top pro canikon camera if you believe the e series has been some of the most robust. The e series can be tough but the 1d series feels every bit of a different beast altogether and it should be - you get what you pay for.

With weather sealing, you do. But as to how much you are paying for for build... well, that is impossible to tell. As for the other reasons a 1 series or single digit series from Canon and Nikon cost as much as they do... I suspect it has very little to do with the cost of production and a great deal to do with product placement. As to me holding a 1 series Canon body, I have held many of them, they are regularly available at my local camera store which I haunt, I have held them at shows, and I know the Canon product line very well, including the 1 series as Canon is one of my clients.

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