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As an owner of a D600 (after upgrading now three times in 4 years from a D90, then D300 to this affordable fx model) this body produces amazing iq. Not to pick a fight with the folks that report oil spots - I've never seen them and imagine the "silent majority" (now there's a phrase that dates me...) haven't either - so you decide. I did these upgrades of the body - and now working on the lenses - as this is just a really enjoyable avocation.

Would definitely go with the FX (D600) for crop flexibility. Primary negative from my perspective of the D600 is the small focus spot area. But - the controls are Nikon's consumer level controls on an FX body - for the first time dslr buyer best of both worlds.

IF you think you'll really get into this for more than just 1yr old snaps, suggest D600 so you start out with FX lenses rather than having a bunch of DX lenses which don't transition well on what is now becoming a more practical eventual  upgrade (read more reasonable cost of D600) to fx.

Haven't really tried the D7100 but predict this is an easier handling body especially from the focusing perspective. You will though be giving up the fx crop capability where you can literally create zoom into the smallest fraction of your initial shot to create a final photo.


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