First look at the E-P5

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Re: First look at the E-P5

So that is interesting. 4/3 rumors is posting that the E-P5 will deffinitely not have a built in EVF, the external EVF will be call the VF4 and will be the 2.36mdot Epson one displayed earlier. Also it WILL have the OM-D E-M5 5-axis IBIS...but it will be improved. Otherwise same sensor and Venus engine that the OM-D E-M5 has (also Wifi).

The E-P5 just got my attention. Bummed about no in-built EVF...but especially depending on the screen quality, at some point the E-P5 sounds like the perfect backup camera for me.

It also is a nice hint to what the next OM-D will likely be packing. At a guess the new EVF, I can only assume this "improved" 5-axis IBIS that is in the E-P5 (or maybe improved even more???), I can't imagine they won't add Wifi also. Other things??? No idea, but since the announcement of the OM-D E-M6 is at least 6 months away probably (or a little more), I can only imagine Olympus is cooking up at least a few extra improvements. Maybe bigger buffer or improved Venus engine? I doubt they'd go to a new sensor yet. Maybe ISO100 and/or 1/8000s shutter? Though I kind of suspect those will only see the light of day in a "pro" m4/3 body from Olympus.

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