Discovered the wonders of post processing!

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Re: Discovered the wonders of post processing!

_Fotogrfr_ wrote:

 (if you care enough about your results to PP, why on earth would you want to limit yourself with JPG and toss out the full capability of RAW?).

I get really tired of pompous people that imply that because I shoot JPEG, I don't care about my images.  Who do you think you are, anyway?

That was not what he implied.

He rather implied that shooting JPG with the intention of doing later post processing seems pointless.

And I agree to that. The advantage of shooting JPG is that you don't have to post process but can use the photo directly. As soon as you start post processing an image, this advantage vanishes, and you are left with the weaknesses of JPG and no advantages.

(Well, no advantages except storage space, but given today's disk prices, that advantage doesn't really count much.)

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