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Re: Macro Focus Stacking - Zerene Stacker results

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I've started trying out Zerene Stacker for Mac, and it seems to give MUCH better results than either Helicon Focus or CS 6.


Make sure you look at the full-sized image of the last one. The texture detail is amazing.


But the yellow-orange edge is smeared at certain places, seems a similar issue as with Helicon. I hope it can be fixed?

Yup, its a little soft at the yellow/orange border in places. I haven't looked into it to see what my retouching options are yet.

Look to see that if are any images where that area is sharp. It might be that your focus change skipped that area.

I do. I created this stack using Nikon's camera control software, which includes an option to change the focus in very small, precise increments.

I think the problem is that when the yellow flower petals are sharply focused, the orange flower center is very out of focus, creating an out-of-focus halo that obscures the sharply focused yellow flower bits immediately adjacent to the orange flower center. I'm not sure what the solution is to this problem. Maybe sombody else who has more experience with focus stacking can chime in here?

So, are there any images with sharp bits in the affected areas? It is interesting that elsewhere the edge is well-defined... so it might be a software issue.

If the problem is the halo of the front flower bits, one might work this around by reducing the OOF blur - by stopping down the aperture more (and sharpening to regain some of the lost resolution) or by using a different focal length or a lens with a different focus characteristic (assuming that you were changing focus not distance).

Maybe you could ask at the photomacrography forum, where rjlittlefield of Zerene is an active contributor?

Due to the change in perspective when you adjust focus. Some part of the image will have no sharp detail recorded. Photoshop clone tool is the only way to solve that!

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