Windows 8 freezing up

Started Apr 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Event Viewer events

Michael Firstlight wrote:

Ditto...the answer you seek is buried in Windows Event Viewer.

First, thanks for all of the responses. I should have thought of the Event Viewer, but I completely forgot about it.

A check told me that the system has been having trouble reading from one particular logical sector and has been retrying, again and again. I am not sure this is the core problem for my system freeze and I will wait until the next one and, after the system "unfreezes", look again.

If this is the problem I still have no idea what app or system file is using that sector and I don't know of any way to find out. That means that either I will have to find a way to lock that sector out of use on my disc or replace this disc with another. In either case I suspect I will have to rebuild. If the sector is bad, then my backups (I backup with system images) may also be corrupt.

But, if this is the problem, then at least I will know what has been bothering me, on and off, for the last 6 months and that will be a relief.

Thanks again and I will post what I found out.

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