Which of these do you like best?

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Re: Which of these do you like best?

salla30 wrote:

Yeah i think that too, about your photos...

Or... maybe it's because I find LR and PS SOOOOO darned complex apart from doing simple stuff, that it's on my life's too short list!

I know there's a world of knowledge out there and my "comfortable" knowledge of Lightroom pales in comparison, but I can easily play around and get punchy results that rival a lot of what I see out there (a lot of it, I'm guessing, is done in-camera, or with plug ins, or frequently with mobile apps).  But when I move that clarity slider, for instance, I can recognize the "curb appeal", but when I move it back, I just tend to prefer the natural look.

Years ago, I watched a video (on VHS !) by an elderly gentleman who had apparently won many photo competitions and the advice he kept repeating was to submit photos that instantly grab the judges attention, because they spend seconds on each photo.  I feel like that's what we're seeing so much of these days, whether due to excessive sharpening or HDR or oversaturation - photos designed to grab your attention (even from thumbnails) but then lack anything to hold your attention (in fact, the techniques used to make the photo attention-grabbing often kill the detail or subtlety that might hold your attention).

OK, there's my 2 cents

- Dennis

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