HS50EXR vs SL1000.Anyone compared these 2 camera?

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Re: HS50EXR vs SL1000.Anyone compared these 2 camera?

Good reading material, the Digital Photography Field guide i found indispensable while learning more about my cameras. It's a few years old now and you can get it on amazon for a couple of pounds UK sterling. Very cheap, and it explains why you should choose different settings, how they work and it has specific instructions for action/landscape/macro etc. It's a great book to understand your camera its a little book so you can take everywhere with you. I've had my copy for about 4 years and it's still relevant, and helpful!

This is a link to amazon with used and new copies;


Most of them ship internationally, and i can't recommend this book enough!

I started out with a kodak 35mm camera, and had various cameras along the way. My dad stuck with his Zorki, which he still has now. And his little darkroom kit. I currently have several digital compacts, My HS50 and an old Agfa Silette with a Gossen Sixty light meter! I still use the light meter even now.

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