Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: I have been reading on the NX forum and

even though I am so much invested in the m43s that a switch will be increasingly ahrd to make, I have always a keen eye on samsung and the NEX especially. I simply like some aspects of those cams more than on m43s for instance.

NX300 is a wait and see. I am not sure the hybrid AF is such a succes. From what I have read it is not.

But my main gripe iwht the NX300 is that it seems a product that is not finished and most of all I truelly wonder how good the Quality control of Samsung is. Just a few users and already quite a few of them sending it back for faulty screens. Lock ups if I remember correctly etc.
I have also seen quite a few lenses thatdid not perform well if I remeber correctly, eventhough the lenses are admirable when excecuted well.

I have three m43 camera's and never needed a FW upgrade to get it function really well. Never had a lock up, neverhad any problems at all. If you look on the m43 forum complaints are very rare. The only exception is with those 14-42 and 45-175 powerzoom lenses. I never used them. Can't think fo anything else that really went wrong actually. oh yes: some have reported spontaneously cracking screens on the OMD...But if we look at how many posters use an OMD (hundreds) this is really occasional.

Still: all of this is just my subjective impression. I might very well be wrong when it comes to Samsungs IQ.

Main downfalls:

- no EVF for NXxxx and xxxx series. this is even worse thanmFT failing to builtand EVF in their RF styled cams
- The very large files
- The lock ups
- Many small errors that need(ed) a FW upgrade (blackouts when shooting series? Something like that).
- Also: 20-50 mm without OIS seems another strange decision.
If they iron these things out, i think Samsung has the best APS-c mirrorless cam out there. Currently, I think the NEX inspite of the worse lenses is the best.

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