Ok...I know I have been posting a lot of pictures here in the gear forum....

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I stand by my composition....

Tomasg71 wrote:

I must agree with the not ideal placement of the mountain and as much i don t like to play by any formal rules, the more "rule of thirds" composition would work better. I guess there was an "obstacle" on the right to "force" that kind of composition, or too much light already maybe.

Where i don t agree is that the foreground adds to the pic, i would took it out, just the mountain (bit more on the right) and the transition of color from blue to the orange. But i am a strange guy, with strange tastes.

Btw, Robin nice website with some very good pictures.


All the elements are in there as I intended them to be. I like that we (if you got up as early as me) could stand shoulder to shoulder at the same scene and walk away with different interruptions of that scene.

As for the rules of composition....my rule is "what works" not what follows someone else's rules.

"Consulting the rules of composition before taking a pictures is a lot like consulting the rules of gravity before taking a walk."

~Edward Weston

Thanks all!


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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; It is the source of all true art and science.
~ Albert Einstein

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