High heels - MF Nikkor 28/2

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Re: High heels - MF Nikkor 28/2

I like the first one most. The two shoes give a nice tension. You could have cleaned the table, but it could give some vintage impression.

The second one is more flat, you do not see the inside of the shoe, yet it is not just silhoutte. The blinds do not add to the image.

The third is worst (I would say unusable). The blinds and the light do not have anything to do with the shoes. The shoes are badly focused (compare to No 1). The only interesting thing is the reflection of the blinds on the soles, maybe you could get that effect without showing the window (maybe the wall reflections could stay, but you would have to work at composition). This image is just unorganized.

I am always surprised how much you have to reduce everything to get a good shot of this kind.

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