Kit lenses or negotiate?

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Re: Kit lenses or negotiate?

With 18-55 you might need to change lenses every now and then to photograph something distant, so the 55-300 should complement it better than the 55-200. You might think that 18-55 is not a very good range, but I have the slightly shorter 16-50 on my camera and I never change it for the other than the odd face portrait or bird shot.

If you don't want to change lenses altogether, you might buy a superzoom, generally speaking the longer the range the lower the quality, but for personal photographs they would all be just acceptable, unless you are in low light where the effect of the slow lens starts to be apparent by the need to bump up the iso.
Kurt Munger, essentially considers 18-135, 18-200 and 18-250 to be similar with the first being superior just in its focus performance, he also recommends the 16-105 for its optical quality, I would also suggest considering it because it is slightly wider (every millimeter in the wide end counts)
So in the end question is, what do you need; do you need a do all lens? (18-200/18-250) or a long zoom with very good quality? (16-105) or a couple of lenses that cover all useful focal lengths that are quite good? (18-55+55-300)
I personally like to suggest the 16-105, very good quality and very useful range that covers most needs

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