Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

Since I have went full frame I have been unable to use anything else and believe me I tried. Almost every compact out there. Every single one seemed to have one or more quirks I just couldn't live with an 99% of the time I grabbed a full frame.

To show just how personal it is/these things are:

A99/D600 and OMD with 100 mm (equiv) lenses

Given the OMD has thef1.8 and the other f2.8 there is not much difference in DOF. I am not saying you are right or wrong, it is meant to show how some can perceive the same differences so differenlty. to me, the size difference is enormous and THE reason  toat least have something like the OMD (I have the even smaller EPL5).

I do appreciate the IQ difference, but would leave the FF for special occassions. Like a good stormchase with a big likelyhood f a tornado. You want the best IQ there. r Aurora Borealis, which we also have every once in a while. Your heavy full frame won't move an inch on its tripod so size and weight are irrelevant there..

The a99 is so small and light, for a full frame, there is really no point in using anything else. Plus the image quality, dynamic range and color depth are hard to leave at home.

I see little difference with the D600 actually.

I have swore off compacts and am not investing in another one that will set in the safe and not be used. If I do get a smaller camera it will be the RX-1.

If one loves photography and does it seriously then IMO full frame is the only way to go. I had rather have a full frame camera and a couple of cheap primes as to a good APC-S camera and a bag full of nice lenses.

Disagree. Iq and all is important, but the first thing that counts is having a very good eye and knowing how to get what you see on that SD card. these are tools

My only regret is staying with a cropped sensor as long as I did. The only time I miss a cropped sensor is when I am shooting wildlife and need some extra focal length.

If anyone is thinking about it. Stop thinking and do it. You will never regret it and wonder why on Earth you didn't do it sooner. Even if you have to buy an older a850/900, D700 and some manual primes. The dynamic range, color depth and bokeh is way better.

Do you realise there are quite a few people that have exactly the opposite experience: "why did I not get a mFT (or other mirrorless cam) sooner! My FF is gathering dust for months now!"

Plus you can finally quit figuring out the equivalent focal length. Compacts are way over priced for what they are anyway. None of them are worth $1000.00+

add these words: to me.

The problem with these forums are two fold:

1) people are really enthusiastic of what they use, which is perfectly fine. A good thing to see.

2) people think that their experience isobjective and their view is some universal law. It is not. Simply keep your experiences and feelings to yourself. That would change many arguments over here and keep them from spinning out of control.

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