Fuji X Porn: Post Pix of Your Pimped Out Fuji X Camera

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Re: Fuji X Porn: Post Pix of Your Pimped Out Fuji X Camera

Tvaclavek wrote:

I had purchased a soft release from ebay for my xe1  but it kept coming off and finally yesterday I realized it was lost.  Can anyone suggest a soft release that will actually stay on the XE1?

I can offer X100s user advice, but I believe it's the same as with X-E1 and will work with all kinds of soft releases.

I've received this advice from Tim (matchTechnical.com). You can use Teflon Thread Tape to help secure the fit. That's the white tape used to seal water/gas pipe threaded joints. Actually I've used the tape meant for gas pipes, as it's slightly thicker then the one for water, but I'm sure the water version will work, too. It's cheap, where I live it's $2 for a lifetime supply of 10 meters. I've cut it to half the width and used about 1.5cm of length (about half an inch), wrapping the soft release thread with it, then screwed it in the release button tightly (holding the on/off lever with other hand, since it rotates partly). Since then the soft release stopped coming off. I suppose that if you're interchanging the soft releases on occasion then you'll need a fresh small strip of the tape every time to ensure it works.

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