Ok...I know I have been posting a lot of pictures here in the gear forum....

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Re: Ok...I know I have been posting a lot of pictures here in the gear forum....

Robin Casady wrote:

Tomasg71 wrote:

I hope i won t get cut into pieces, by trying to constructevly criticque an authority on this forum. Of all the latest three pictures you posted i like this one the best. It s the more artistic one, it gives a little room for interpretation, it lets the colors, the light to make the picture, not the subject itself, thus is departs from a beautiful but obvious, post card landscape, type of picture. This was it starts to lean to art...not only great landscape picture taking and. Please try to read a bit between the lines, as my english doesn t allow me to exactly express  what i mean.

I doubt anyone will flame you for complimenting the image.

Personally, I prefer the Japanese garden shot, even though it is a little dark.

The lighting in this shot creates a mood that gives the image strength, but I think the composition is not well balanced.

Thanks Robin, it can be difficult for a non native english speaker sometimes to write in these forums, you never know how exactly yuor words will be interprted. I agree, the composition is not perfect, i would took out (crop?) all the bottom part of it but i am sure we won t agree on that :), i like the predominant blue and a touch of hope (light) down there.


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