"Too busy making shots to notice"

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Re: "Too busy making shots to notice"

Back in the day when I was toting two Mamiya C330s + lenses + ginormous flash + construction grade tripod + … just before I switched to 35mm for a lot of my professional work, I went on a trip halfway around the world with just one camera with a fixed lens, a Rollei. Accessories were a small flash, a table top tripod, and a couple of filters.

I took lots of excellent pix -- 6x6 slides on Ektachrome and Agfachrome -- and the lens restriction made me work hard for a lot of them and pass up some others.

In England I met a mate of mine who had bought an Olympus OM1 outfit in HongKong on the way (to his) home. Just a couple of weeks ago, we got together again and looked at some of the pix I took then with his camera, of him and interesting places.

Taking those pix and seeing them for the first time, plus some pointed remarks by the London agency who sold my photographs at the time, helped convince me to shift to 35mm as my primary system for general editorial photography, and to choose the then very new OM1 camera and Zuiko lenses.

Yes you  can do good stuff with single lens but you sure can miss a lot of nice pix you can get with a range of lenses.

I did notice because me mate was photographing beside me with his Oly outfit but when I started using my Oly outfit, I got slack and missed a lot of good pix that here there to be taken with a bit more trouble. I had to relearn to work for my pix to wring the best results out of the eafgter opportunities presented by the outfit.

Cheers, geoff

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