Canon is no. 1 for 10 straight years

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Re: Canon is no. 1 for 10 straight years

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

aftab wrote:

A great feat, I must say. It has done this by a combination of making excellent equipment, understanding the needs of photographers of all level, great customer service and clever marketing. Lately it has been criticized for not being innovative. Yet, Canon seems to know what it is doing.

How long you think Canon will maintain its top position?

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As long as it doesn't listen to some of the people on

There was all this moaning about Nikon having 36mp and Canon "only 18" when the 1D-X came out.

Since then there's been a deluge of complaints about various aspects of the D800 and nothing but endless praise for the 1D-x.

You see, there are those who only think of resolution, sharpness and "blowing out of the water", and there are those who know what's important in a camera.

I'm sorely tempted to get a 1D-X myself...

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hi garry, just like you, i have a 1d4 and i love it and a plethora of canon "L" lenses, in fact all of my canon photog equipment that i own, have been nothing but pleasure to use, never a problem right out of the box! i have never regretted owning any of my canon stuff. and this is not because of brand loyalty but rather the quality and effort that canon puts in making their equipment. i have no desire to even try other brands because canon products meet my expectations quite well. i will be buying a 1Dx, 600mm f4 II, and a 24-70mm f2.8 II when i come home from overseas in about a month and i am looking forward to do that impatiently hope you enjoyed your trip to poland


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