should I upgraded to D700?

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Re: should I upgraded to D700?

tmtmtmt wrote:

I have been an owner of a D90 for about 4 years. I have two DX lenses: nikon 16-85mm and sigma 10mm; and three FX lenses: nikon 50mm 1.8, sigma 28-105, and sigma 70-300 (big sigma fan).
I love my D90 and i dont see any reason to upgrade it to another DX slr. However, now thanks to the D600 and the D800, i can afford to upgrade to a second hand D700 (if i sell all my DX equipment). The question is: shold i do it?

I wold appreciate it if you could tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience in photography in your answer, so i can get a better idea of how I'm talking to.

Thanks alot.

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I've been in photography for as long as I remember (which gets shorter every year now I'm past 50) starting off in black and white darkrooms, though digital and the web have changed what I do. D70 to D300 - no brainer, the revelation being the improved viewfinder and lcd, the improved qual, res, lowlight being much as expected. Added a 700 at the end of last year for better low light at weddings and more limited dof. Still shoot with d300 for reach. 700 has more DR, and it does make a difference in shooting, though I've never made side by side comparisons so not sure what difference it makes to the final print. I don't process shots now thinking - 'ah, this is a 300 shot' or vice versa.

So in your shoes, I don't know if it makes sense or not - not if the 7100 does all you need. Much will depend on how happy you will be with siggy lenses on the 700, and I'll not try and second guess that.

The 700 is without doubt a better camera, but nothing life changing. I'm not taking different shots with it or changing my approach in any way. And without viewing the exif I can't tell you which camera took which shots. The fanboys will tell you that there's no comparison between fx and dx, but when both cameras are near as identical resolution, I'd disagree.

Part of my reason for getting a 700 rather than a second 300 was for the feeling of going forward. But I'd happily buy a second 700.

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