Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

hval wrote:

I have seen a few people write that the D400 has got to be bigger?  May I ask why? What advantages does a bigger camera give you? Heavier? Takes up more space in a bag? More noticeable by others (not good for street photography)?

I would actually like it to be the same size as a D300, or even slightly smaller than a D300.

Many people find a bigger camera to be more comfortable to hold and easier to shoot with. This is a trade-off against it being easier and more comfortable to carry. Of course, different people have different preferences for that trade-off; in your case being bigger than a D300 (or a D600) doesn't buy you anything. But a lot of us find the D7000 and D7100 to be an awkward size. We find something thats just a little bit bigger to be only a little more awkward to carry, but a lot nicer to hold and shoot with.

In my case, I found myself unexpectedly tempted by the D800 when I had a chance to try it. I intend to stick with DX, and the D800 is well out of my price range especially given the cost of upgrading my current lenses - but it felt really nice in my hands. The D7100, OTOH, was a good camera but it didn't awaken the little voice that whispers "You want this. You know you want this..."

In a way, I ought to hope that the D400 will merely be a "good camera." The smart choice for me would be to stick with my D90. But I can't help but wish for the D400 to be like the D800 in terms of waking up that whispering voice of temptation, only this time attached to a body that wouldn't be completely silly for me to get.

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