Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: Each has strengths and weaknesses...

zenpmd wrote:

What I don't understand, also, is, ignoring Bokeh, why do FF images themselves look beautifully buttery? That one of the kids with the cameras above is just incredible. Its so smooth. Is that the FF sensor?

bokeh is a function of lens design not sensor size. non retro focus lens appear to have better bokah and the number of blades the shape of the aperture and the placement of the diaphram in the lens design determin bokah.

In photogrpahy bokah is a relativly new term and is probably very over used much like shallow depth of field is ofter way over used. next year we will discover something elso over wich to obsess. those of you with very deep pockets may choose bokah as a deciding factor on buying a lens but for those of us who can afford but one lens per focal length bokah is not very high on the priorities list and in fact we may not even get a choice.

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