What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

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Re: What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

merops wrote:

I will send a private message to the host.  If s/he does not act, could I ask, as a matter of fairness to those who entered valid images (and to those with the integrity not to enter invalid images) that members who are interested in maintaining the integrity of the challenge system please take the time to vote 0.5 for these ineligible entries?



Have you tried using the complain button that is on each of the detailed pages for each entry? You could briefly say what the problem is and link to your post on this thread (if you go into threaded view, and view the post, you can copy the URL and use it as a link. It will take other people direct to your post).

You can also put comments in the whole challenge comments section, or the comments section on individual entries, again linking to your post here.

The complaint issued with the entry notifies only the challenge host, and can easily be ignored, or marked "processed" with no further action. IMO, these issues should be reported both to the host and DPR, as it has become more of an epidemic than just a sporadic case or two.

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