Windows 8 freezing up

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Re: Windows 8 freezing up

MikeFromMesa wrote:

I know that a Windows system "freezing" is not exactly headline news, but the symptoms of this problem seems different from those of any other system I have heard about. Basically what happens is this:

First, the system "freezes". Apps go pale, the cursor turns into a rotating circle and it looks as though the system will need to be rebooted. Sometimes I get a notice that Windows itself is not responding (which puzzles me somewhat - if Windows is not responding how does it display the message???).

If I wait for the system to respond, it finally does. After a period varying from about 2 minutes up to 5 or 6 minutes Windows suddenly starts working again as though it never stopped. I never get any indication what the problem was, why the problem occurred or how to prevent it in the future. I have been assuming that somewhere along the line I picked up some malware, but I always use anti-virus software and that software (Norton) can find nothing wrong on my system. I have also scanned my system with Kaspersky and it can find nothing in particular wrong.

In addition there does not seem to be a pattern. That is, there is no single app that I am using that has caused this problem. Sometimes it is LR4, sometimes Open Office, sometimes I am browsing on  the dpReview site. No consistency.

Before I rebuild my system I thought I would post this question to see if anyone has any insight into this particular problem. I have had systems "freeze" on me before but I am not used to having the system respond after 2-6 minutes. Before, when my system "froze", it stayed frozen.

My system is a Dell XPS-15 with Windows 8, up to date with fixes, running a 1 TB drive (in which less than 200 GB is in use), an i7 chip and I am not running any strange software. Most of what I have on the system are photo editing apps and digital photos.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Try the event viewer as others have suggested.  If that fails, I would look into your hardware, especially power supply.  But it could be bad memory stick, graphics card overheating, there are lots of options.

Please report after you've had a look at the event viewer,


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