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Roland Wooster wrote:

I've used an X79-UD5, it includes a pretty good sound DSP on the motherboard, unless you are looking for extreme audio fidelity, like 192KHz, you won't need a discrete sound card.


Well, i got busy those 2 days so i didn't test the machine yet, i am not in rush and the sound card can be purchased easy and installed even much easier, so once i use the machine then i will figure out if i want a better sound performance.

I took the machine to the computer shop where i bought from, i was in hurry as the technician was out, so i took it out of the box in the shop and connected to a monitor there and trying to install Windows 7 after checking out the Bios, to my bad surprise the machine doesn't last longer than 1-2 minutes sometimes even doesn't show the Bios or select F keys option and it keep restarting again and again, don't know what's wrong, then the technician came while i as in hurry, he checked it few times and he was removing the cooler[Corsair] above the processor everytime but it didn't solve the issue, then suddenly he said he has to dissemble the motherboard and resemble it again to fix the align or hight or whatever, it will take time, i told him sorry, i am busy, so i took the machine with me and told him i will bring it back by Saturday because Friday is day off.

So now until Saturday what i can do with this machine?

On the monitor i keep seeing something about Power Saver mode, and inside the computer there is a red/orange light turned on always and it is a power saver button, so could be this the problem?

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